Two women testing a leather couch at Green Front Furniture.

Community-Powered Destination Marketing

Community-Powered Destination Marketing


A destination marketing approach powered by community engagement on social media.

Two women testing a leather couch at Green Front Furniture.

The Challenge

Highlighting the customer experience to entice potential buyers to shop in person. While Green Front Northern Virginia (NOVA) is a retail establishment, it is not located in a conventional furniture store setting. Housed in a 100,000-square-foot, warehouse-style showroom located in an industrial area of Manassas, Va., Green Front NOVA is “off the beaten path” and difficult for customers to find organically. It also does not have an online store where customers can shop and have their order shipped directly to their homes.


The Growth

We are focused on impact, dedicated to tracking results and adaptive to customer and market needs so that we can focus on what works.

Green Front NOVA increased on-site conversions and sales by honing messaging around the unique shopping experience rather than the product.

Increased onsite conversions by
Reduced ad budget by
Month-to-month sales have increased

The Approach

Letterpress provided holistic management of Green Front NOVA’s marketing campaigns. Because Green Front NOVA is an experiential store that does not currently have an online inventory, it was imperative to build excitement and curiosity by showing the scope of offerings, high level of sales consultant expertise, and character of the company as a unique shopping experience.

Advertisement encouraging Green Front NOVA customers to take an experience survey.
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The Team

We have found that the most sustainable way to build long-term growth is to engage an entire team.

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The Stories

We help clients highlight their own authentic stories to invigorate community connections and grow new ones.

Unlike other furniture stores in the market, Green Front relies on storytelling and imagery as a key technique and does not feature individual pieces or sales. (No Presidents’ Day Sale for this company!) Instead, Green Front marketing content includes:

  • Unique video ads that are personable and highlight human interaction and design consultant experience.
  • User-generated content from interior designers.
  • Engaging with social media followers regularly on multiple platforms.
  • Customer feedback on shopping experiences through survey campaigns, with focus to encourage positive reviews on digital platforms.

We are a mission-driven company. We only work with organizations that we believe have a positive impact in their communities.

Highlighting a holistic overview of the Green Front NOVA shopping experience — instead of individual pieces of furniture — distinguished Green Front from the competition. Through careful advertising messaging and placement, Green Front NOVA went from becoming “just another furniture store” to a furniture destination sought out by customers.

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The Good

Social Media advertisement for Green Front NOVA, showing the rug room.

The Learnings


Location isn’t everything.
Despite the old real estate motto, “location, location, location,” Green Front NOVA has proven that with the right messaging and ad placement, you can create a destination anywhere!

Sell the experience, not just the product.
With the increase in online retailers, consumers can purchase goods with just a few clicks, but they lose the value of the customer experience. Ad campaigns tailored to the customer experience set your brand apart in a world of “buy-now” messaging.


Green Front is a unique business with a unique clientele. Letterpress helps us tell our story in our own way that appeals directly to our customers.

— Den Cralle, Green Front Furniture President


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