Ilsa Loeser

Ilsa Loeser


Letterpresses were the primary means of printing and distributing information from Gutenberg in the 1400s to the 1950s. Today they are used to produce artisanal, unique items such as books, invitations, broadsides and business cards.

Located on Main Street, in Farmville, Letterpress Communications brings local, handcrafted marketing strategies and the latest digital storytelling techniques to businesses in the heart of Virginia.

Founder Ilsa Loeser is an award winning writer and former newspaper reporter who has spent years developing her craft of telling stories. She has helped businesses quadruple their online reach through social media and blog platforms.

She appreciates the time, planning and design that goes into crafting a story.

“Despite new technologies, people have not changed. They still want stories that compel them to live better lives. Stories they want to share with their friends. Stories that change the world.”  — Ilsa Loeser, Principal

From a passion to serve small businesses and nonprofits of southside Virginia, Letterpress was born with one goal: to help other local small businesses to tell their stories well.