Website Learning Lab

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Are you ready to build your own website and amplify your business online?

Letterpress Communications is excited to partner with Corey Williams of Rivertown and Zachary Keys of Business Cannon to offer this specially designed Learning Lab. Rivertown and Business Cannon will be providing one-on-one business coaching as a component of this Lab.

During this Learning Lab you’ll have:

  • A cohort of fellow business owners building their sites alongside you
  • A one-on-one coach available to assist you and provide training
  • A marketing agency to help you craft your brand, message and website promotion plan

During the 5-week learning lab, you will create a fully functional and search engine optimized website. It will be customized to your needs. AND you will learn how to edit and maintain it!



What You’ll Learn

You’ll build a site:

  • You can fully control
  • With a Home, About Us, and Contact page and the structure for so much more
  • That has the potential to grow into an online store

Not only will you create a professional website but during the Lab you will also:

  • Create a branding strategy for your website
  • Make sure it is optimized for search engines
  • Learn how to update your website
  • Receive guidance while creating polished written content and images
  • Know how to track the success of your website using Google Analytics
  • Be individually coached on how to strengthen your site and ensure it is effective

What You’ll Get

  • 4 weekly classes
  • Homework assignments
  • Small group coaching and Q&A
  • A community of fellow business owners who are learning alongside you
  • Marketing Consulting
    • Guided exercises regarding branding and keyword research
    • A mini website promotion plan designed for your business
  • One-on-one website assistance:
    • 1 hour of individual coaching while building your website either in-person or digitally
    • 1 hour of on-call technical support for up to a month after the class

What’s Required?

  • A laptop or desktop
  • A smartphone, camera or friend with camera (for website images)
  • Weekly class attendance
  • 5 hours a week for homework

Class Cost


*Plus additional pricing listed below

  • Hosting and maintenance for your site is $250-$600/year through or
  • Website promotion budget: recommended at $500-$1,000 for advertising costs
  • Letterpress Communications can provide logo design, written content, photography, videography for your website for an additional fee.

Add A Store at the Start!

This covers the costs of an additional class focused exclusively on launching an online store and an hour of one-on-one eCommerce assistance with your site.


You must pay for the class via credit card, debit card or bank transfer.

The first $375 will be invoiced once we have at least 5 participants registered. The final $375 is due one month later. (Remember, it’s a tax write off!)

— Recipients of the City of Danville marketing-grant funds will receive a discount of $75 on their final bill.

— Members of the Danville Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce will receive a discount of $75 on their final bill. 

Class Structure

Week 1: The Basics

In Class:

  • Hosting and domain basics (bring your credit card to launch your project)
  • Website marketing strategy
  • Website design overview
  • Choosing a theme/overall look for your site


You will have two weeks to draft 700 words of text for your website, establish a logo and begin to collect high-quality images of your business*. (5-10 hours)

Week 2: Building Blocks

In Class:

  • An introduction to the dashboard
  • The basics of creating and editing a webpage
  • Site Structure
  • Managing menus
  • SEO Basics


Adjust text for SEO. Edit and finalize website text. Finalize pictures for website.

Week 3: Adding on the fun stuff

In Class:

  • Create your About Us page
  • Practice and guidelines re: website images
  • Create a contact form
  • SEO Next Steps


You’ll skip a week of class unless you are enrolled in the Online Store Week

Upload final content. Meet one-on-one (either at your location or via a remote screen share) with your coach for final website tweaks. Letterpress to provide a simplified marketing promotion plan.

Week 4: Add A Store at the Start!*
  • Considerations for adding products
  • Website User Flow
  • Shopping Cart and Customer Service

*This additional week costs an extra $350 to add in.

Week 5: Launch Party
  • Website maintenance
  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Website marketing strategies
  • We’ll share our websites with the world!

Who Should Join The Lab


This class is for business owners that are:

  • Ready to learn
  • Willing to dedicate at least 5 hours a week for 4 weeks to build a site
  • Comfortable sending/receiving emails and using Microsoft Word or Google Documents

This class is not for businesses owners that:

  • Can pay someone to build their site
  • Are OK letting the experts take care of their site
  • Have money for someone to maintain their site
  • Want a fully customizable site

Class registration has closed. Please contact us if you are interested in a future learning lab class.