Colin and Ilsa

Website Learning Lab Instructors Ilsa Loeser and Colin Werth.

Learning Lab: Websites 101

Your business needs a professional website.
Join the Learning Lab to build your own and:

  • Create a marketing strategy for your website
  • Make sure it is search engine optimized (SEO)
  • Learn how to update your website
  • Receive guidance while you prepare polished written content
  • Know how to track the success of your website using analytics
  • Receive one-on-one coaching for your unique site and business model



What’s Required
  • A laptop
  • 3-6 hours a week for homework
Class Dates

To be announced

Class Outline

The Basics — Week 1 

  • Hosting and domain setup (bring your credit card)
  • Website marketing strategy
  • Website design overview
  • A theme/overall look for your site

You will have two weeks to draft 700 words of text for your website, establish a logo and begin to collect high-quality images of your business*. (5-10 hours)

Building Blocks — Week 2

  • An introduction to the WordPress dashboard
  • The basics of creating and editing a webpage
  • Managing menus
  • Plugins and what they do

Edit and finalize website text. Finalize pictures for website. (All Content due by April 25.)

Final Touches — Week 3  

  • Create your About Us page
  • Practice and guidelines regarding website images
  • Create a contact form
  • SEO Basics

Upload final content. Meet one-on-one with Letterpress staff for final website tweaks.

Launch Party — Week 4

  • Website maintenance
  • Introduction to website analytics
  • We’ll share our websites with the world!

*Letterpress can provide written content and photography for your website for an additional fee.

Website Details
  • You will create a home, about us, and contact page during the lab
  • You will create a structure for future growth
  • You will have full control of your website

Cost: $650*

*Plus hosting/domain estimated at $30 for the first year.

(For comparison, some What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get programs like cost $300 annually for a business site. They do not include one-on-­one instruction or the power, customizability and room for growth like the self-hosted WordPress website you will build in the learning lab.)

Who Should Join The Lab


This class is for business owners that are:

  • Ready to learn
  • Have some time to create a website
  • Comfortable sending/receiving emails and using Microsoft Word

This class is not for businesses owners that:

  • Can pay someone to build their site
  • Are OK letting the experts take care of their site
  • Have money for someone to maintain their site